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FINAL INTERNATIONAL EVENT «Conquering today the legacy of tomorrow»

As part of the completion of the Craft Lab project, on Wednesday 10-2-2021, the final international event "Conquering today the heritage of tomorrow" was held with great success through the online presentation of the project results and the prospects of business development in sectors related to cultural tradition (ceramics, mosaic, textiles), for both Greek and Italian participation.

The event was also broadcast live via the Interreg Craft Lab Project Facebook page.

During the event, the President of the Chamber of Lefkada, Mr. Skiadaresis, welcoming the speakers and the participants, referred to the effort made by the organization to promote the entrepreneurial spirit to the new generation through the re-acquaintance with traditional professions and skills, as a continuation of the cultural heritage of the Ionian Islands. He has also stated that the Chamber of Lefkada will try to bring and establish on Lefkada island the institution "European Craft Days", where visitors will have the opportunity to discover beyond the natural beauty of the island, the tradition through the eyes and the works of young professionals.

Greetings also addressed the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands Ms. Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, the Deputy Regional Head of European Programs of the Region of Ionian Islands, the Member of the Parliament for Lefkada, Mr. Kavvadas, the Director of the Regional Union of Municipalities of the Ionian Islands (PED-IN), Mr. Andreas Zapantis, representing the President of the Regional Union of Municipalities of the Ionian Islands, Mr. Parisis, the Deputy Mayor of Lefkada, Mr. Lygdas, and  the Director of the Department of Crafts and Commercial Activity of the Region of Apulia, Ms. Francesca Zampano. All of them referred to the importance of the Interreg CRAFT LAB project for strengthening cultural cross-border cooperation through the creation of innovative start-ups that revive old manual arts, such as the art of ceramics, mosaics and textiles.

For the new Programming Period 2021-2027 spoke the JS Coordinator of the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Program Mr. Gadaleta, and the Antenna Officer - Joint Secretariat CBCP Greece - Italy 2014-2020 Mrs. Mitsi.

The general overview and results of the project Craft Lab was presented by the representative of the Lead Partner (Pino Pascali Foundation for Contemporary Art), Ms. Susanna Torres, who also showed the video that, has been created within the project. After the project video display, the beneficiaries from both Greece and Italy presented their experience from their participation in the project, as well as their business ideas:

  • Representatives from the start ups THETIMA, THE TRIP and LE MOIRE from the field of Textile
  • Representatives from the start-ups CAVE Studio and REON from the field of Ceramics
  • Representative from the start-up  LITHOSTROTO from the field of mosaic

During the last session of the event Mrs. Olga Stavraka the president of the Association of Karsanon Lefkada- Athens presented the Karsan embroidery, its history and perspective, while successful entrepreneurs presented their stories in the field of crafts: Mr Peppino Cambanella – Artist and Designer presented how art, light and design  are met, Ms Anastasia Xenaki, co-founder of LOOM%, how traditional weaving can be a modern art, Ms Elefheria Logotheti, founder of Elixriso, how embroidery could be adopted through modern creations, Mr Martino Pinto, Architect at De Palma Pinto architecture and design studio, how architecture and design can make good use of crafts.

After the open discussion session, the event was concluded with the common belief CRAFTLAB will be sustained through the start –ups that were established within the project and that crafts may contribute to the creation of business opportunities for young persons. 

Full video of the final event available at: